August 19 – August 21 @ Omega Center

I’ll be leading a weekend workshop called Secular Meditation: A Humanist Approach to Enlightenment at the Omega Center in the beautiful Hudson Valley in upstate New York. The content will be drawn from my book, and will include a mix of sitting meditations, mindfulness practices, and discussion of the science behind meditation.


Harvard bookstore

September 9, 7pm @ Harvard Book Store

1256 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA

Reading of Secular Meditation



Almost every Tuesday night, I lead secular meditations at the Humanist Community at Harvard. All are welcome to attend and there is no charge.

We meet at 7pm at 30 JFK St, 4th floor, Cambridge, MA

We most frequently do mindfulness of breath, mindfulness of ambient sound, and loving-kindness meditation. To find out the specific meditation we’ll be doing, please check the announcement on or Facebook (the details for the Tuesday meeting usually are announced the prior Sunday).


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