Selected Publications


Unitarian Universalists on the Eightfold Path


Buddhism’s Pain Relief

Spiriturality & Health

My Practice: Mindful Walking in Town

Free Inquiry

A Painful Reality 

Washington Post

Meditation Without God


The New Age 40 Years Later

The Humanist

Slowing Down the Consumer Treadmill

Choosing Peace

Wise Brain Bulletin

A Way to Evoke Loving-Kindness (pdf)

Boston Globe (behind paywall)

Expertise is overrated: A talk with Philip Tetlock

Lowell Sun

Critics aim at hunting in forest

Public adds its vision to JAM plan

The New Humanism

The Mindful Brain: An interview with Daniel Siegel

Meditation in the Laboratory

More than Logical: A Place for the Emotions in Humanism

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

The Mind Field

Loyal Puppies


The Science Behind Loyal Puppies

Occupy the Moment