Secular Meditation

A Guide from the Humanist Community at Harvard

Radio and Podcast Interviews

I’ve been doing some radio and podcast interviews lately about my book, Secular Meditation. Here are a few that have been posted online. Note that the interviewers themselves are not necessary secular, but our conversations were focused on secular methods of meditation.

Here is my radio interview with Darien Marshall of It’s All about You. I was particularly taken by Darien’s observation that in listening to my actual voice, he was reminded of the literary voice of my book, which he said was friendly and conversational.

My Interview on the Spiritual Naturalist Society podcast.

My Interview with Gio of Chi For Yourself

My interview with Beverly Molander of Unity Radio

My interview with Michelle Skeen of Relationships 2.0 can be found on this page once you page down to the Nov. 19 show.

Interview with Kimberly Rinaldi of Lessons in Joyful Living I am the second guest on the show. (download here)

My interview on Conscious Talk radio with Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears (I come in around 30 minutes in)